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Rick Yanke
I was born and raised in Madison, WI. I am a divorced father of two beautiful girls and a grandfather to another. I have attended both UW and MATC art programs.  Diagnosed with MS at 29 my heating and a/c career was cut short 11 years later at age 40. Art is now the passion.
Plein Air Painting has become very important to me. Having MS, moving is the hardest thing sometimes. It's nice to have to get out and find interesting places to spend a few hours. It's a whole new ball game painting from life. The colors are real and generally more vibrant than photos. The light changes by the minute and speed is essential. Contrast is less defined in my eye but I'm working to see it. I still have to remind myself to quit painting objects and start painting what they look like. There is an effect that draws us to a composition. I'm learning to capture that.
About Rick's Art Studio
Rick's Art Studio was founded in 2004. It is owned and operated by Richard Yanke (Rick) right here in Madison, WI. The primary purpose of my creating art is to give the viewer a recreation of a moment, a time, a feeling. I love to do drawings from your favorite photos. There are many artists that offer this as a service. I'm convinced you'll think the time and good energy put into my projects shows.
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En plein air (French pronunciation: ​[ɑ̃ plɛn ɛːʁ]), or plein air painting, is a phrase borrowed from the French equivalent meaning "open (in full) air". It is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors, also called French: peinture sur le motif ("painting of the object(s) or what the eye actually sees"), where a painter reproduces the actual visual conditions seen at the time of the painting. This method contrasts with studio painting or academic rules; those might create a predetermined look
En plein air