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   As an artist I work hard to show others the beauty that exists around them in my paintings. I have an active imagination but my body moves much slower. I have been blessed with MS an am now able to follow the path that was suggested long ago. When I paint I’m not hindered at all. The freedom is expressed in my paintings through the depth of field and color. I hope the viewer makes a connection and is able to relive moments dear to them or imagine things to come. I like work that has a dark, untold part to it. I love when artists make it easy for me to look at their work by directing my eye deeper and deeper. That is a thought process in all of my paintings.
     I am working to renew myself and become part of the community again. I love the souls I have met on my path to this point and feel a kindred spirit. From my earliest  memories I was an artist. My drawings had form and I shaded my coloring book pages. My mother was an artist and influenced me young. The right words have always escaped me and art is my first step to connect to others. I grew up loving that I could evoke emotion of myself and others through art. I get excited when I‘m able to catch an effect and include it in a meaningful painting. It’s like fuel and makes me want to create more. Inspired artwork becomes family and forever a part of my life. There are things words don’t adequately describe, a moment, time, place maybe even a smell. Art can do that. 

Rick Yanke
Rick's Art Studio
Hello. My name is Rick Yanke and welcome to my studio. I am an artist born and raised in Madison, WI.  I hope after you see photos of completed paintings you will want one for your own. If you're looking for high quality artwork and uncommon personal service, you've come to the right place. At Rick's Art Studio my main focus is to leave customers beyond satisfied. You'll come to expect and enjoy the attention to detail I provide and find reasons to return over and over.